LinkedIn Mastermind Group Hosted by SandyJK

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Join my exclusive LinkedIn Mastermind Group and learn how to really use LinkedIn!

Maximize your understanding and use of the LinkedIn platform, including navigation, strategy, tools, content and more from anywhere in the world. Why not take advantage of all the coaching I've done with 100+ clients over the years to level up your mastery of LinkedIn?  

Questions we'll be answering:

What should you make time to do on a weekly basis? What else could you be doing on the platform on, say, a monthly basis?

What about within groups? Are there certain industry groups that you should belong to? Alumni groups? Technical knowledge groups? Follow competitors' groups for business intel? Join clients' industry groups - what are they following, sharing - what matters to them? 

What should I publish posts about? How often should I publish posts?

How do I upload links, images, videos, etc. - and which are appropriate? What free tools you can use to manipulate images without having an advanced degree in Photoshop?

We'll also cover:

  • What best practices are for sharing your or your client successes - images, wins, making/requesting referrals, recommendations, endorsements, etc.
  • How to REALLY use LinkedIn as a research tool for existing clients/accounts, opportunities, etc.
  • Managing privacy and settings - how/when to use - like turning visibility off when doing competitive intel.
  • Understanding default settings in order to "fine-tune" your exposure - what to do and how/when to change them.

Overall LinkedIn Mastermind Program Objective: Build off your current knowledge of the LinkedIn platform to elevate your personal brand through maximization of your LinkedIn profile and a savvy proactive presence on today's most popular and professional social network. Consider this LinkedIn Ninja training!

You'll be able to submit topic suggestions/requests the week before and then I'll structure the sessions accordingly. You'll learn from me as well as from each other and we'll have a private LinkedIn group for ongoing connecting and community. 

This program will commence when a minimum of 3 participants are registered and will consist of four (4) 75-minute sessions which will take place on the same day and time for four consecutive months.

You will be charged monthly or to pay for all 4 sessions in advance via an invoice, please contact me via sandy at belladomain dot com. Thank you!

This membership will automatically end after 4 months.
$99+ a month x 4

LinkedIn Mastermind Group Hosted by SandyJK

0 ratings